Episode 106 - Business of Land Surveying - Small Business Perspective


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Talk about an all-star cast of characters...this one did not disappoint! The boys were joined this week by Steve Gangwal, Owner of Gangwal Enterprises, Inc., Nolan Mark LS, Owner of On The Mark Land Surveying LLC, Michael Thompson LS, President at Halma Thompson Land Surveys Ltd., and Will Wing, LS Owner Operator\CEO at Infinity Land Surveying, LLC. If you can maneuver your attention around all that was going on throughout this episode there was some amazing content shared by this group that everyone will be able to related to. We had this same general conversation on Episode 101 from a larger company perspective and we believe you will find the views these small business owners to be equally intriguing. PJ told us about DART/FART, BS had TK envy and DD got bit by Lucy the street dog. Steve Jobs & Tony Robbins were quoted. Music for this episode by J. Roddy Walston & The Business. Happy (U.S.) Thanksgiving everyone...be safe!

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