Geoholics Anonymous - Patrick McDonald


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We were honored to have a true American hero join us for this month's Geoholics Anonymous. Mr. Patrick McDonald is an Army 1991 he was injured while traveling in an armored personnel carrier that rolled over resulting in severe injuries to his mid chest and lower back. During this time, he flatlined for nearly 5 minutes. Patrick is a Paralympian representing Team USA in the sport of curling. Patrick is also a competitive golfer holding the World Record for the longest drive in a wheelchair...358 yards. Patrick is also a cancer survivor. Most importantly for Patrick and what he is most proud of is being a husband to an amazing wife and a father to two amazing children. To say he is the epitome of persistence and resilience is an understatement. Neighbor Billy joined the boys for this one and did not disappoint. Music for this episode by The Mamas & The Papas!

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