Bradley Hope | The Offshore Finance Red Pill, Narrative Journalism & Why He Is Bullish On Saudi Arabia


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Bradley Hope is the co-founder of Project Brazen, a media company that is producing books, podcasts, and even tv shows and movies based off the stranger than fiction real-life stories composed in a narrative journalism style. Bradley Hope is also the co-author of the book, Billion Dollar Whale - the 1MDB scandal and exposing of Jho Low as well as Blood & Oil, the story so far of MBS - Mohammed Bin Salman.

You can expect to hear in the podcast with Bradley some of the following and more

  • Great examples of narrative journalism.
  • MBS’s foreshadowing with a boyhood addiction to playing age of empires.
  • Why celebrities are just people for hire.
  • Bradley giving us the pandora papers red pill.
  • Why he is fascinated by the middle east.
  • And more and more and more.

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00:00 - Introduction.
04:21- Explaining Narrative Journalism... Definition and Examples.
13:36 - Bradley's Favourite Piece Of Narrative Journalism.
16:36 - What Some Great Stories Of Narrative Journalism You Are Working On?
26:01 - How's The Economics Of Project Brazen Work?
29:46 - Pandora Papers & Celebrities Are People For Hire.
35:13 - Bradley Giving Us A Dose Of Offshore Finance Red Pill.
43:20 - Pegasus Spy Software & Investigative Journalists Remaining Encrypted.
50:02 - How Special Is The Middle East To You + Bradley Romanticising Travel & Adventure.
59:15 - Where Are The Best Stories Coming From?
1:01:38 - Reflecting On The Current State Of Lebanon.
1:04:16 - Which Country Are You Most Bullish On
1:10:00 - A Conversation Between Any Two People Of History?
1:12:00 - Afterthoughts.
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