Ep 47 | The latest cyber news and resilience insights: Hackers gain access to 150k+ private Verkada CCTV feeds, SITA data breach affects millions of airline passengers, and more.


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The team discuss the biggest cyber news stories from the past fortnight including the impact of the Verkada CCTV data breach that allowed hackers to gain access to over 150,000 private surveillance cameras, the data breach of global information technology company SITA that provided hackers with access to passenger data from multiple airlines around the world, and how the Australian Prime Ministers office failed its own security audit after declaring the country was under attack.

UPDATE: Two days after recording this episode Nine Entertainment Co. was hit with a cyber attack causing problems with live broadcasting and print production systems. This is one of the largest cyber attacks in Australia to date, and will certainly be a topic we will deep dive into during our next news episode. For more information please visit this link: https://bit.ly/2PzXxzY

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