#129 Harmonic Health and Healing with Dr. Linda Lancaster


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If you're somebody who skips lunch or eats at your desk, because you're always so busy that you "forget" to eat, this episode has the power to change your life forever. We're talking deep health things today and you will not want to ever go back to the health habits you have now...

Dr. Linda Lancaster is an Energy Medicine physician and the founder of Light Harmonics Institute, an Energy Medicine Clinic and Educational Center. Her training includes Ayurveda, Yoga, subtle energy healing, counseling, nutrition, herbal medicine, detoxification and more. After kicking off her health journey as a yogi and vegetarian chef in the 70's, Linda now guides her family, community, and patients to achieve holistic balance and fulfillment in life.

Dr. Linda is the author of the book "Harmonic Healing", which is a culmination of 40 years of practice and tools that she uses for her own health and her patients.

In today's episode, we talk about

  • Why your health should be the no. 1 priority you pay attention to

  • The power of our bodies' innate ability to heal themselves

  • Why you should bless your food every day

  • Her top tips to eliminate toxins and get started on a harmonic healing journey

  • How to open yourself up to receive love and heal emotionally

And so much more!

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