G.N.A. Podcast Episode 256: Wooo Diablo


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Woo Diablo! Wait has this title been used before??? Let us know in an email (gnapodcast@gnainyourdna.one) if you do and include the episode title in the email and you mention what you liked about the episode, give us your T-Shirt size, mention the "kingdom", and address you could win a T-Shirt in a drawing. . . You have until the next episode drops. Any who the Blue and Zyber . . . excuse me Lord Zyberblood get together with Damok and KOH to run some torments with their season characters. They drag out the intros as they muddle through some power leveling, Damok needs to learn how to clean house, and talk about the GME. GME printer go BRRRR, and the gang discuss if they would have gotten into this push against the hedge funders. Be sure you rate, review and subscribe to the podcast as well as send us your questions, comments, and death threats to gnapodcast@gnainyourdna.one

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