G.N.A. Podcast Episode 237: The Long Intro


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The details on the new xbox console have been revealed and we are gonna . . . *flips over sheet* not--talk--about--it? Seriously? Why are we not talking about it?! *looks at show roster* Oh, that's why Blue is hosting and he's unprepared once again. Damok and Zyber join Blue in discussing what you can and cannot play DooM on, the importance of throwing your GPU in the mud before installing it to get those real world performance stats, and the importance of Half Life and story in FPS games. The crew also gives a salute to those who ran towards danger on 9/11 on the 19th anniversary. If you think we lack patriotism and drink descriptions be sure to send in those questions, comments, and tongue lashings to gnapodcast@gnainyourdna.one. Please also subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes and Google Podcasts.

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