The Good Flight Podcast - Episode 5 - Where did we go?


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Co-hosts Jon Graham and Paul Nurkkala have been away from the podcasting scene for a little bit. Life got busy over quarantine in ways that we didn't expect, and we are now back and ready to rock. Part of our problem was that we made the filming process a little too complicated on ourselves, so we've simplified the process, and that will hopefully allow us to put more time and effort into the podcast that we want to produce!
The Good Flight - Drone Podcast
Co-Hosts Jon Graham (@jonny_drones) & Paul Nurkkala (@nurkfpv)
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00:00 Intro
05:16 Theme Song
14:35 When to fly what FPV?
25:30 When to fly what CINE Drones?
28:15 What is parallax?
34:00 Why FPV vs Cinedrone?
40:20 Drone Pilots React
52:50 Wrap Up

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