Quotes to Live By in 2021


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Happy New Year fam! We're kicking off 2021 with an encouraging word. We're also going to look back at some of our favorite quotes from past guests (15:45) that will leave you inspired and hopefully ready to take on your 2021 mission. P.S. Are you a sushi lover? Wait until you hear our Good News Story of the Week! (13:40) Don't forget to rate/review and let us know what TGL topics and/or episodes you want to see this year! Any dream guests?? We want to know! In this episode, you'll hear from - Jim Kwik - "First you create your habits, & then your habits create you." (15:45) BJ Fogg - "Your life is created by your habits, & habits are not a matter of will power, they're a matter of design." (22:44) Bob Goff - "What do you do when you don't know what to do next? Do what's adjacent." (29:00) Jamie Ivey - "When we are chasing dreams, but at the same time we're not belittling what god's put in front of us, I think that's when you see a lot of growth." (33:23)

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