"The Corona Diaries #114" with Drew Morgan


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Comedian Rivers Langley is back in his hometown in Alabama for the rest of 2020. Also, there's a global pandemic still happening. This podcast is him catching up with his funny friends; sometimes on the phone, sometimes socially-distanced outside. These are "The Corona Diaries" and this is Episode #114. Our first guest today, to talk about the most poorly-conceived offensive since the Children’s Crusade of 1212, it's comedian, author, podcaster, a former public defender in New York City, and the pride of Sunbright, Tennessee: Drew Morgan! Follow Drew on all forms of social media @DrewMorgComedy and listen to his TWO wonderful podcasts "WellRED" and "Into the A Biscuit". Listen to Carter Glascock's new album 'The Crystal Pistol' now streaming on all platforms!

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