Gwyneth Paltrow x Jaiya: What’s Your Erotic Blueprint?


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“Every cell in our body is wired for pleasure,” says somatic sexologist and educator Jaiya. “And I believe pleasure is our birthright and it’s part of what brings us our liveliness and our connection and our intimacy with this world and with life.” In this special episode with GP, Jaiya—who is one of the experts on our new Netflix show, Sex, Love & goop—explains why she believes sexual incompatibility is a myth. Jaiya’s developed something called the erotic blueprint, which helps people discover their specific arousal language: sensual, kinky, sexual, energetic, or shapeshifter. They talk about why so many of us are disconnected from their bodies. Jaiya shares what it’s like to have an energetic orgasm—and the pleasure we’re capable of feeling when we’re willing to expand our definition of sex.

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