Episode 9: Inky Stalagmites


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Welcome to episode 9 of The Goulet Pencast! In this episode, Brian and Drew share some of your feedback, answer your questions, and Brian takes his turn at a hypothetical question! Drew also reveals that he has no idea what a haberdasher is.

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00:00:00:00 Exclusive YouTube Pre-Show Rambling
00:01:30:13 Show Start
00:02:33:16 Feedback
00:12:58:02 New Stuff
00:21:19:07 Q&A
00:21:30:19 Question 1 - Why do some inks make foam on the top of your nib?
00:26:48:15 Question 2 - What can I use fountain pens for outside of school?
00:30:55:04 Question 3 - What are the best pens for hand pain?
00:36:03:20 Question 4 - What is the best method for ink mixing?
00:42:52:11 Question 5 - What do I do when a new pen is scratchy or skippy?
00:47:58:16 Hypothetical
00:58:17:23 What's Happening?
01:10:31:15 What's On Your Desk?

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