104. Low-key Summer, with Sean Abbott


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Will we ever lose a test match again? We’re feeling exceptionally bullish as we reflect on a dominant summer of home cricket where we have not felt threatened once (excluding the existential anxiety over climate change, of course, which continues to permeate our lives and influence our every thought, word and action).

Marnus continues to hit runs unabated, as Nathan Lyon snares another 5-wicket haul, but will we ever be truly titillated by a bloke who bowls “these ones”?

Meanwhile, CA slaps Stoinis gently on the wrist for a grim on-field comment during the BBL; it’s a good thing he didn’t do something really serious (like innocently post a team line-up an hour before its official release).

Our guest this week is Sean Abbott, who dishes us some tips on how to curate your BBL personal brand, and why wage discrepancy among T20 players is a growing societal concern. And AskTGC wraps things up with a couple of Dad-related questions (fucking shock me) plus a 6’4” bloke egregiously wasting his natural asset by bowling yuck leg-spin.
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