110. A Nation Expects, with Belinda Clarke and Annabel Sutherland


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110. A Nation Expects, with Belinda Clark and Annabel Sutherland

The Women’s T20 World Cup is upon us, and as needy Australians perpetually dissatisfied with our sporting success we’re asking: how guaranteed is this trophy for Australia; and if Australia fails, should we be talking effigies? Either way, our lust for trophies has TGC engaged in this tournament, and we’ll be following Lanning, Perry and co’s march toward glory (that we can reflectively bask in on account of passport and birthright constructs).

Before then, we meander on the question of cricket in February – where your season’s dreams are over, the wickets are shit, and thoughts turn to your rig revolution through the winter – can you pull off a training singlet next season? Will that be the difference between your selection in the 2s trial, as opposed to the 3s? As ever, we tread the topics others simply will not.

Elsewhere, Matt Renshaw has taken a break from cricket, the Shield feels sleepy, and England has dismantled South Africa in a manner Australians will only respect once our own nation succumbs in the land where Australian cricket collapsed in 2018. Gee Moeen Ali looks good though.

We’re then joined by the very sporting Annabel Sutherland and Belinda Clark, who both oblige questions from two internet blokes who played a bit of 2s and 3s themselves. As EGM of Community Cricket in Australia, Belinda agrees to listen to the concerns of her constituents by hanging around for an extended AskTGC. Among other things, she concludes there may be “a bit of confusion in the minds of those playing.” Well observed, Belinda. Well observed.

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