111. Mean Tweets, with Jimmy Neesham


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The Women’s World Cup has kicked off in earnest and we dedicate the first ten minutes to wrong’uns: their violence, their humiliation, and how they look easy to play (for retired third-graders watching on TV). Mankads have also come up again – so we respond in-kind with side-mouthed, black and white analysis because, as we all know, “it’s in the laws”. New Zealand cruised against Sri Lanka, though it didn’t compare to their delectable dispatching of Thailand in a warm-up, which was followed by a coaching session. As we’ve always said, Jesus was the ultimate Alpha.

The Men’s Team is in South Africa, and saw Ashton Agar deliver a tangible, substantial, meaningful, game-influencing contribution – thus making good on his unrivalled potential. Which is good for a top 5 draft prospect. South Africa then won the second fixture with a weird score. At least Alex Carey got a hit.

The height-based selection of Kyle Jamieson proved a masterstroke as New Zealand destroyed India, which begs the question: can Kohli do it on a rainy day in … Wellington? Hashtag Kohli

We then speak with the wonderfully normal Jimmy Neesham in a truly refreshing conversation, hours after he’d spent 155 overs in the dirt for Wellington. We covered the World Cup, Twitter philosophies, retirement, finding himself, working in marketing, Canadian circuits, the pronunciation of Marnus Labuschagne and US Border Security drilling holes in his bat to search for drugs.

#AskTGC delved into dating dynamics in the United States, Space Jam, owning one’s virginity, a ten-year old decimating the opposition, and parallels between grade cricket and the military.

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