113. Yeah The Girls! with Alyssa Healy, Nathan Lyon and Peter Siddle


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The Australian Women win a World Cup, break records and make history at a packed MCG. They did it by having a stick first, absolutely smashing them and decimating the opposition before dancing on stage at a Katy Perry concert in full kit.

Have we ever felt safer?

There's a Men's series that allegedly happened in South Africa at the same time. Nothing has ever meant less. Marnus smashed ‘em but!

Alyssa Healy joins us post World-Cup-Winning-Circuit to discuss her six over cover, alpha-ing Mitch Starc, copping a send-off at 1/100 and Molly Strano wearing Katy Perry’s boots.

Peter Siddle and Nathan Lyon then join us from Sydney to talk about Amazon's documentary, The Test. In doing so, Sidds announces his retirement from Grade Cricket and rounding up his score at Edgbaston, while The Goat talks about Headingley, Joel Wilson and what Steve Smith said to him while they pursued as many runs as possible at Edgbaston.

Also, Tim Paine pops in to give some life advice that will likely end up as a tattoo on many listeners’ faces.

#AskTGC involves a group of Dads coming to training before finals and one of the better cricket dreams you’ll ever hear.

Big thanks to Budgy Smuggler for perpetually enduring us. It's footy season - "run off" them, if you will. Budgysmuggler.com.au

So too DMNs new podcast: Generation Betoota. It fearlessly brings the truth to the most often forgotten Australian demographic: the youth. Listen now only on Spotify.


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