122. Top 4 Big Boys, with Rob Key and Brendon Julian


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We’re talking Pakistani players of promise, who the big 4 bats are, climaxing to Babar and what makes us feel good.

Ireland beat England in the 3rd ODI after Tom Blanton says the England team are the hardest sports team in the world to get in to.

Who gets the Boxing Day Test, where the world cups are being played and when and Shane Warne’s new cologne.

Rob Key is on the show to discuss playing Poker with Warney during a County game, being yelled at by Nasser and scoring runs in front of the Queen.

The alpha's alpha, Brendon Julian is on the show to discuss legalising ball scratching, cricket meaning nothing and pitch invasions in Guyana where Steve Waugh wanted to take on the crowd.

Finally, we answer the #AskTGC about love in North Yorkshire.

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