124. Sexual Chocolate, with Trent Boult and Ryan Sidebottom


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We wrap up the England summer with Crawley, Anderson, Ali and catching chat, trying to figure out what any of this means and if we feel safe yet.

Australia are masked up and on the plane to England to "save England's summer" but can Smith score runs when no one is booing him?

Jacques Kallis enters the hall of fame, so we’ll find his place in the game according to us, two idiots from the internet.

Trent Boult is on the show to discuss World Cup finals, bowling with the Duke and Australian sledging.

Ryan Sidebottom is on the show to discuss being given nicknames by Darren Gough, meeting Harry Potter at Lord's and celebrity life post-cricket.

And #AskTGC comes from some very confused English men.

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