132. Garage Cricket, with Marnus Labuschagne


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Justin Langer reflects on Neser, schedules and the Sheffield Shield, so we consider crowd noise, sport as art and what the fuck is happening on Michael Vaughan’s Instagram.

Does one 50 in the IPL represent a good return on a $3.1m investment? Is Steve Smith still looking at Jos Buttler? What is a Maxwell and many other questions remain unanswered in the UAE.

There’s also tattoos, Heather Knight on Black Lives Matter and match fixing in the 80s.

Marnus Labuschagne is back on the show to discuss knicking blokes off at grade training, backyard Test cricket, getting his average above 65 and not setting goals.

#AskTGC involves being fathered by your grandfather, Steven bradburying into first grade and how to pick up grade cricketers in north London.

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