The legacy of feminists Susan Ryan and Helen Reddy, the war on populism, and the presidential coronation of Bougainville


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On this episode of The Grapevine, As Australia mourns the deaths of feminist icons Susan Ryan and Helen Reddy, Dylan is joined by Mary Crooks, Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust to reflect on the role these extraordinary women played in furthering gender equality, and their impact on Australian culture and society.

And what does ‘populism’ actually mean? American political analyst, historian, and journalist Thomas Frank calls in all the way from the US to talk about his new book defending populism, 'People Without Power: the war on populism and the fight for democracy'. Frank describes the corruption of the term in culture by elite groups to discredit grassroots political movements by the working class.

Then, journalist Leanne Jorari gets on the line to discuss her article 'Bougainville: A new captain at the helm' exploring the implications for the autonomous zone following the presidential coronation of former revolutionary army commander Ishmael Toroama.

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