What have Melbourne artists and academics got planned for challenging cultural and political narratives?


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On this episode of The Grapevine, will the Northcote golf course remain public parkland as pandemic restrictions ease? Kulja is joined on the line by Associate Professor and Lecturer of Urban Planning at Melbourne University, David Nichols, to discuss the negotiations about future use of the Northcote golf course.

Then, award winning author, climate activist, and academic, Dr Tony Birch discusses the Melbourne School of Discontent’s 'Black Fire' lecture series, and how they are attempting to challenge the mainstream narrative of indigenous politics and history in Australia, and provide an alternative voice in the national conversation.

And Queen Victoria Women's Centre feminist in residence, Kate Robinson talks about the ‘Make A Fuss’ craft exhibition, a project of over 150 crowd-sourced works that highlight issues women and marginalised genders don’t want to be silent about anymore.

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