Finances. Parents. The Conversation. Author Cameron Huddleston Tells All on the Great American Senior Show, Episode 02


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It could be one of the most difficult conversations you ever have. The conversation with your parents about their finances and how to cope with their aging process or their passing. The Great American Senior Show speaks in great detail with author Cameron Huddleston about her new book Mom and Dad We Need to Talk. How to Have Essential Conversations with Your Parents About Their Finances.
It's a fascinating book about aging, caring for your parents and the many techniques you may try to have that important conversation. And, we warn you, it is not a conversation that may happen on the first attempt. It takes patience and a willingness from everyone involved.
You might also be surprised to learn that the need for "conversation" does not end when someone passes. We'll explain why.
And, when caring for an aging parent, is it a good idea to make sure they have a cell phone? the answer is no and yes.
Join the Great American Senior Show and your grey-haired host Sam Yates in this conversation that you can share with others to help them out when it is their turn to talk.

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