The Great American Senior Show Interviews an 11 Year Breast Cancer Survivor for Cancer Awareness Month


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It's the "C" word that no one wants to hear. Cancer.
The Great American Senior Show brings attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a candid and revealing interview with 11-year breast cancer survivor Patricia Worrow.
We learn how Worrow was informed she had breast cancer and how she reacted not in fear but in a protective mode because it was a happy time for her family. A time, Worrow thought, that needed more joy than sadness over the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis.
Worrow also shares how she coped with the many aspects of breast cancer and even a deep look inside her inner self to a time that she emerged as a painter who now uses pink painted pots as a cancer relief valve.
The Great American Senior Show is certain some of the tips and techniques this brave woman has used in her 11-year journey can help you or a loved one if you too are coping with a cancer diagnosis or working through a cancer scenario with a loved one.

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