TGFBI | Episode 111: Beat The Shift (w/Alex Fast)


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Episode 111- Fast Episode
Guest – Alex Fast
Strategy Section
Rule Changes
Would you allow mid-season fantasy league rule changes?
i.e. games minimum per MLB team, QS point changes, extra roster slots, extra FAAB periods, extra lineup periods, etc.
Managing Lineup in Short Season & COVID
How do you handle games shut down for COVID mid-week?
Starters not going deep into games - Play more RPs?
Quicker hook for poor performance?
More FAAB on the hot starters?
Going Deep: We’re Drafting Saves wrong / The Case for the 2nd Tier closer
What has been the optimal draft strategy for closers so far this season?
Has that corresponded to your research?
What is it, how can we use it?
2020 Gainers / Faders / Surprises
Dylan Bundy
Waiver Wire Section - The team gives a few waiver wire suggestions for the coming week
Pitcher Preview - The team highlights the coming week’s 2-start pitchers and key 1-start matchups.
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.

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