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Jeff Walker is the Host of the JeffDoesVegas Podcast, which has amassed over 55,000 downloads across roughly 70 episodes, at the time of this recording. JeffDoesVegas takes a tourist perspective on Vegas with episodes that; delve into Vegas's often overlooked history, interviews with entertainers, magicians, business owners, content creators, and Jeff Walker's personal Vegas Trip Reviews. The JeffDoesVegas Podcast is a must listen to those who seek knowledge and entertainment throughout the legendary Las Vegas Strip.
Jeff Walker lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Prior creating JDV, Jeff worked in the radio industry for 20 years. While in the industry who worked across various positions that include hanging banner, hosting afternoon drive shows, managing music development, and voiceover work. He has also previously hosted 2 online radio shows.
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  • Introduction & Opening Conversation (0:00)
  • Who is Jeff Walker? (2:25)
  • Beginning with Radio, ending with Podcasting (3:40)
  • Jeff is Doing Vegas (22:01)
  • How the Podcast Forces New Experiences (31:12)
  • Sin City Stories (39:42)
  • ExpensiveDoesVegas & Resort Fees (46:40)
  • Golden Knights, Raiders, & Events (1:01:01)
  • Group Dynamics vs. Mr. Solo Dolo (1:13:02)
  • Becoming a Long-Distanced Las Vegas Local (1:27:40)
  • 2 Questions & How to get Connected (1:40:30)

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