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In this episode #126, the hosts Naveen Samala & Sudhakar Nagandla interacted with Branded Kavita

Branded Kavita is a woman who always loved to write & be under the spotlight.

In her childhood, she wrote poems, something that resonates with her name. And, when she got her degree in English, she started writing commercially.

All along she had one desire-to make a difference & be popular.

After gaining a mix of corporate & freelancing experience, she thought it was the right time to build something of her own.

That’s how she became a certified life coach.

Kavita’s Tips:

  • Her Career Journey and why she ventured into personal branding
  • Personal branding in layman terms
  • How important is branding for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • What are the mistakes that people do w.r.t branding
  • Her role model on personal branding
  • Personal Branding vs Executive Presence
  • Witty answers to rapid-fire questions
  • 1 piece of advice to those aspiring to make BIG in their careers and LIVES
  • Trivia about Amazon

Enjoy the episode!

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