Ep.55 Adwoa talks to Rosalía about what it means to be a Spanish singer on a global stage and how the pandemic is impacting the future of music.


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Remember being squished in a sweaty crowd with thousands of people watching an insanely talented music artist performing on stage? And the artist’s energy, and the crowd’s energy feeding one another, and in that moment, your body’s buzzing with joy – you feel alive. Yeah, us too. For Rosalía, she misses the energy from performing to a large audience, she misses being around people. I think most of us do.

In this episode, we talk about how performances have had to adapt in this upside world. Being away from her Spanish home for the past year and in the US where she’s been busy working on new music, Rosalía talks about her influences and how the world closing its shutters has created a different energy to her music. With Rosalía’s Spanish heritage playing such a vital role in her identity and style, she expands on how it’s shaped her sound.

Enjoy listening to this one. And mad amounts of love.

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