Ep. 512: Marathons & Injuries Feat. Nikhil Latey


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On this episode of The Habit Coach, Ashdin continues his conversation with Nikhil Latey who is a physiotherapist and sports scientist. Nikhil gives us a great view on why people suffer so many injuries after running the marathon, why people seem to push themselves too much and not give their body the rest that it needs, how we should give rest to our feet, allow new tissues to mature and become strong enough to run again. Nikhil also shares some experiences with his clients that help explain all of this with real world examples of how doing online gym sessions and other activities can cause injuries, what one can do to feel the push, how not to get injured, and whether there is a difference between elite athletes and weekend warriors. Tune in for this and much more on this with episode with Nikhil Latey.

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