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Unpopular opinion: A healthy mom and healthy baby are NOT enough. Why don't we pay attention to a mother's experience and perceptions of her birth enough? I'm an L&D nurse revealing insider secrets that you won't learn in your standard childbirth ed class. We explore every facet (from opposite extremes) of not just birth, but the experience of womanhood and childbearing. Along with women sharing their experiences vulnerably, a slew of experts gift us with knowledge we never thought we needed. I throw in an extra layer to the discussion by exploring the implications of Judaism and Jewish culture on the reproductive experience. This show spans way beyond pregnancy and birth, with topics on sex, birth control, birth trauma, perinatal mental health, postpartum realities, breastfeeding, sleep training, diet culture, infertility, realities of our healthcare system, Jewish law, and so much more. The information here is not intended to give you medical advice or replace the care of a qualified healthcare provider.

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