4. Postpartum and Getting To Mikvah w/ Dr. Elissa Hellman


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Dr. Elissa Hellman is an experienced, board certified OB/GYN who has been in practice in midwest for the past ten years. She is also the physician at The Confident Kallah, a telemedicine gynecology practice focused on the needs of Jewish women who observe Taharat HaMishpacha (Jewish family purity laws). She consults on a range of women's health issues related to contraception, preconception counseling, cycle management, postpartum questions and perimenopausal concerns. Throughout her years as a clinician, she noticed a gap in women's health awareness and education in the Jewish community. This developed into a special interest in being a resource by educating about body awareness and women's preventative health for all ages and stages.

Join us as we discuss the most common challenges of getting to mikvah (Jewish ritual bath), how sex changes after having a baby, how to navigate the hardships involved with refraining from physical contact with your husband, and common questions about postpartum birth control.

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