Episode 203 – Helping people find their own magic with Midja Fisher


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In this week’s episode of the ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast’ I had the pleasure of interviewing the powerhouse that is Midja Fisher. Now she had me laughing from the moment we began as when I asked what she would be if she wasn’t a lawyer we were soon talking about being Reality TV stars and the fun only kept coming from there. Midja has been in #lawland her whole career but you might say she has had anything but a traditional path and in many ways not too many traditional roles which is what makes this conversation so interesting. These days Midja works as a consultant to firms all over the Country on leadership and culture and it won’t surprise you that we had a whole lot of fun sharing our ideas of how our profession could change for the better!

In this interview, Midja and I also chatted about-

  • If Midja was not a lawyer she would have been a teacher or a reality TV star and shares why she has a passion for drama.College of Law
  • Midja comes from a family of three generations of coal miners and gives us a snapshot into her childhood growing up in Ipswich surrounded by family on all sides.
  • Midja’s decision to study Law and IT in Brisbane.
  • Her induction training with Price Waterhouse Coopers in Tampa Florida, and her learnings now that she hosts inductions as a speaker.
  • Leadership in business and the work it takes to lead a successful team.
  • More than half of Midja’s mentoring clients are lawyers how she helps lawyers to find their passion, self-love and self-belief.
  • What ‘doing law differently’ means creating space and supporting staff so they can all make their magic.
  • Midja talks about holding things loosely and seeing the opportunity in all areas of peoples roles in business.
  • Following her time in Florida, she moved to Sydney with PWC before returning to Qld.
  • From there, Midja worked for many years at Shine running their courses and training where she totally fell in love with the work she got to do.
  • Midja worked for Shine for 19 years where she found her passion for leadership, team building and coaching.
  • Writing leadership programs and helping others to grow into their own magic.
  • Her decision to make a change and step out on her own in 2016, which came from a desire to create something for herself.
  • Her books, “Unshakable Confidence”, “Great lawyer to great leader” and, launching next month “Take off the Cape – from superhero to super coach.”
  • Midja’s opinion on what we are doing well in the law. And, if she had a magic wand to change law land she would challenge us to step up and become stronger leaders..
  • Midja explains her coaching process of creating purpose, passion and play in our careers.
  • We discuss the role of a business coach, along with the stigma attached to getting ‘help’ in Australia.
  • Energy is contagious, both positively and negatively.
  • Midja helps people find their magic and be present in their daily lives so they can get the most joy out of their lives.
  • Midja’s Happiness Tip.

Sit back and enjoy this interview with Midja Fisher.


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