HLS: Ep. 341: Jan. 6 Hearing Boiled Down


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Your earbuds will try to lynch Mike Pence when Big Luck’s, Ol’ Blue Eyes, and Chumahan riot in your mind by streamlining, simplifying and making clear what the Trump Treason Trial really means, find out how even Trump’s most loyal rats have turned on him, discovery why Long Don Silver Clarence Thomas’s wife was in contact with Trump’s minions, find out why the Proud Boys went ahead to the Capitol BEFRE Trump whipped up his frenzied idiots, all the pieces finally fall into place and the larger scheme comes into focus. Find out just how close we came to having to pledge allegiance to Donal Trump for the next 30 years. BONUS: FOUDN OUT THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE WHITE POWER MOVEMENT TO TRUMP’S DESTRUCTION OF THE PRESIDENCE.

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