#029 - Call for action to you - for a new path to reduce climate change, with Joshua Spodek of NYU, Spodek Academy, USA


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Again, I’ve interviewed Joshua Spodek, a professor at NYU and an entrepreneur. He was a guest in episode 22 of this podcast because of his hardware entrepreneurship background and his leadership teaching that we can all learn from. He’s back since we have something important to talk about which concerns Earth’s physical resources which I alluded to in episode 1 and I didn’t want to wait long to start to publicly discuss this topic.

Briefly about Josh: he’s a best-selling author (“Leadership Step by Step” book), holds five Ivy-League degrees, he runs regularly marathons, writes intensely (daily blog posts, articles on Inc magazine).

In this episode we’ll talk about leadership again but this time on applying it on one specific topic, on sustainability. We hear constantly about facts on climate change, the consequences of our not taking actions, the green technologies’ slow adoption. “If information was the answer, we’d all be millionaire with perfect abs” says Derek Sivers. Maybe there’s another, potentially more effective way to decrease climate change, by talking less and acting more, a certain point Josh makes, which he thinks has been almost completely overlooked.

Enjoy this episode.

Just one more thing since it’s a call to action: let me know or Joshua if you want to do something on this topic, e.g. joining an accountability group, or contributing in any way to this initiative.

Raw transcript is available at: https://www.thehardwareentrepreneur.com

Show highlights can be seen below:

  • The importance of climate change topic - [2:40]
  • Joshua’s view on sustainability and climate change – [3:57]
  • Do you turn on the aircon on a hot summer day or you bear some uncomfortableness? – [5:10]
  • The most common perception of behavioural change for reducing climate change - deprivation - [7:05]
  • His practical recommendations - [8:36]
  • Joshua’s journey to becoming environmentally conscious - [15:11]
  • We need to do different things if we want to see different actions - [19:10]
  • A simple technique I developed for changing my behaviour even before facing pain - [21:28]
  • How about a website for the listeners to sign up for personal challenges to start taking action? - [23:25]

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