#055 - Why hardware startup ecosystem in Lebanon is becoming interesting, with Raja Younes of Startupsfund, Futuris Technologies, Lebanon


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This is an interview with Raja Younes of Startupsfund, Futuris Technologies, Lebanon. We wanted to look at the Lebanese startup ecosystem, especially in hardware, so for producing physical products. We don’t hear about Lebanon enough, even though we should as there are some strong reasons for it - you can find out in this episode about some of these reasons.

All tech startups run into a problem sooner or later which is connected to their workforce. There is actually a megatrend related to this, which can become a huge bottleneck for further growth worldwide. Other topics Raja will talk about is some facts on Lebanon and its effects on making the Lebanese startup ecosystem a unique one in the region or in the world. Why should startups or established companies seriously consider going to Lebanon? What are some examples for companies doing that? We will touch on these questions, and Raja’s initiatives to alleviate these issues.

Enjoy this episode.

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Show highlights can be seen below:

  • A guide to Lebanon and its startup ecosystem - [1:58]
  • Underlying problems in today’s world and Raja’s solution to them - [4:00]
  • Main incentives of the Lebanese ecosystem that make it attractive for investors and entrepreneurs - [6:42]
  • Success stories from Lebanon and major international companies in the country - [10:04]
  • Missions of Futuris Technologies and Startupsfund and key benefits of their services - [12:37]
  • If you could go back in time to the time when you were in your 20s, what notes would you give yourself? - [16:33]
  • If you had to name a book, which one had the biggest impact on your thinking and on your career? - [17:58]
  • Some habits that help Raja stay organized and relaxed at the same time - [18:55]
  • Some observations Raja had on cultural differences throughout his career - [20:02]
  • What is the best way to reach Raja? - [22:20]

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