#056 - Not too early, not too late - how to get the timing right for your innovation, with your host Balint Horvath, Switzerland


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I’m back again on the podcast with an episode where I’ll be talking about the timing of innovation. This means I don’t have a guest in this episode.

Why do many startup ideas fail, what’s the main reason for it? What are some of the other implications for your business in case you fail due to that one reason? It turns out actually timing is crucial. And with timing I don’t mean when you get your team together, or when you get the funding. Timing entails here something else: when you should come out with the innovation.

In this episode there will be many examples, hardware examples for companies, projects that didn’t see the light for a long time and I will touch on a few reasons why it happened so. An example is Kodak which invented digital photography but did not make a business around it or also Pebble will be mentioned, which is a more recent story.

Enjoy this episod!

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Show highlights can be seen below:

  • The single biggest reason why startups succeed – [0:50]
  • Educating the market – examples of the past and present – [2:18]
  • A light bulb – nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come – [5:05]
  • Questions to be asked by both startups and established companies – [7:24]

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