#059 - Where IoT/AI are heading to - impressions from IoT Tech Expo Europe, with Balint Horvath, Switzerland


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Recently I participated in IoT Tech Expo Europe in Amsterdam on 27-28 June. It was a fascinating event to feel the pulse of the industry, how things stand and where the industry is heading to. In this episode I want to bring you some of the highlights, essential take home messages.

This event is one of the biggest ones of its kind in Europe with nearly 9000 attendees. It had a few sections, including AI, IoT, Blockchain. At least half of the exhibitors were related to blockchain. However, in this episode in order to have some focus, I’ll concentrate more on the former two fields.

Enjoy this episode!

Raw transcript is available at: https://www.thehardwareentrepreneur.com

Enjoy and take a look at the highlights below to get a glimpse of topics discussed.

  • What is the IoT Tech Expo in Amsterdam all about?
  • When expectations and investments rise (too) high in AI/IoT
  • Some healthy developments in AI – Aiir Innovations
  • Need for investments in AI – Asgard
  • Another application of AI/IoT – predictive maintenance
  • Emerging startups at IoT Tech Expo and their use cases
  • Interview with Aiir Innovations on their AI innovation and how the future of AI looks like

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