#060 - Future global data connectivity without worrying about your costs, with Guy Zbarsky of Keepgo, Israel


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My guest is Guy Zbarsky, co-founder of Keepgo, a firm that has been in business for about a decade.

Guy’s company is called Keepgo and this company name already suggests that they want you to keep going, everywhere you want to go to. Some of you know that well, I cannot live very long without traveling so their topic connected with me. I met their company via one of my trips at IoT Tech Expo in Amsterdam at the end of June this year. Their business operates in a fast-moving field, in telecom. This also means that Guy will share some interesting tips and stories, how they’ve been riding the telecom wave.

Some of the topics we cover are: where telecom business is heading to, especially the data connectivity aspect. Guy mentions some timelines he expects for the virtual SIM technology’s adoption. He also brings up when and how each of us will be able to start making money based on the emergence of virtual SIM. He also talks about the beginnings of his company and their pivoting a few times. Guy drops some tips too on project management-related tools he uses and is considering using soon.

I have an additional announcement in this episode regarding the publishing frequency. This is happening as I’ll be focusing on some other projects, too in the future. Are you angry or happy about it? Let me know by sending an email or via social media.

Enjoy this episode.

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Show highlights can be seen below:

  • Why Keepgo is an exciting company (for me)
  • Problem they’re targeting – offering an alternative to the rip-off scheme by others
  • Beginnings of Keepgo and its multiple pivots
  • Virtual SIM technology to replace plastic SIM cards?
  • Different virtual SIM technology standards
  • What virtual SIM technology has to do with Airbnb
  • Timeline Guy expects for virtual SIM’s adoption by the public and the bright future for all of us to make extra money
  • Keepgo’s past and current uniqueness on the market
  • Business tools Guy uses to manage his company
  • The wisdom Guy would take back to his 20-year-old self
  • His favorite book he uses for his business
  • Guy’s daily habits and how they help him (re-)focus
  • Cultural differences he highlights and how he thinks we can overcome those
  • Guy’s last bit of advice, take home message – why you should start a business

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