#064 - To transform or not to transform your hardware company to an all agile one next year, with Balint Horvath, Switzerland


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I’m back on this episode and you will hear about the continuation of the topic of the last published episode. What should you do once you know you have a problem worth solving and you validated what solution you should build with all the features? Should you just go ahead and develop the product based on the specs, the whole development potentially taking multiple years? What is some framework that’s being adopted by more and more organisations these days, such as by Tesla, Bosch, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Boeing, Saab Defense or also some of the smaller companies, startups? They realized you cannot keep developing and operating in a rigid plan-driven way since the whole world has turned upside down, speed of working has increased and if you don’t come out onto the market with a product faster than your competitors, you lose.

This episode is about agile transformation of organisations, especially their hardware development.

What hurdles have you seen in your transformation or in your wish to transform?

Enjoy this episode!

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