#057 - Kickstarter Post-launch - a home gym challenges the "No pain No gain" crowd, with Joey Atlas of SCULPTAFIT Global, USA


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This is a second recording with Joey Atlas of SCULPTAFIT Global, USA who has had recently a Kickstarter campaign. He is a fitness student, consultant and pioneer.

In this second episode you get to hear about the lessons learned from his crowdfunding campaign. In the first episode he talked about the campaign preparations.

We’ll analyze his campaign, why it was a success for Joey, the hypothesis he wanted to address. He explains what went well and he gives also some ideas on how he could improve his future campaigns. What were some of the tools or tactics he used to get his results? We go into details also on these. At the end of the interview he also discusses the next steps, how he wants to grow in a sustainable way and will give a creative idea on how he wants to rely on his new customer base in the future.

Enjoy this episode.

Raw transcript is available at: https://www.thehardwareentrepreneur.com

Show highlights can be seen below:

  • A short summary of the SCULPTAFIT concept - [2:16]
  • Hypothesis check: how math algorithms can help you when you launch a project on Kickstarter - [4:30]
  • The importance of pre-marketing in big-ticket items sales - [11:54]
  • Surprising and not so surprising buyers on his Kickstarter campaign, and the value of follow-up - [13:48]
  • A video walk-through – making it transparent, simple and easy for the client - [20:03]
  • Three tools that brought Joey success during his Kickstarter campaign - [23:50]
  • Evergreen phase: future steps for SCULPTAFIT - [27:47]
  • “That person sounds just like me”- [31:15]

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