Depending On No-Thing with Robert Saltzman


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This is the sixth Hall of Fame Episode. Robert Saltzman is an author, artist, photographer, and retired psychologist.

He is the author of two books that I loved which are titled "Depending On No-Thing" and "The Ten Thousand Things."

He writes about "spirituality" with a no-nonsense approach and shares profound insights. He also exposes folklore and old wives' tales when it comes down to modern spiritual topics.

Here below are some links to Dr. Robert Saltzman's books, audio book and sample chapters.

Depending on No-Thing

Read more about Depending On No-Thing published by New Sarum Press here:

The book is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition.



You can find sample chapters for Depending On No-Thing in PDF format here: sample.pdf

The Ten Thousand Things

Find out more about The Ten Thousand Things, also published on New Sarum Press here:

The book is also available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition.



For the audiobook version of The Ten Thousand Things, please visit:

Sample chapters for The Ten Thousand Things:

Intro and Chapter One: Intro and Chapter One.pdf

Chapter Two:, Chapter Two.pdf

Chapter Three:, Chapter Three.pdf

If you are interested in another interview with Dr. Robert Saltzman and his photography artwork, please visit this link:

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