$46 Million For Psychedelics into Prescription Medicines with Rick Doblin


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Rick Doblin is founder and executive director of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Maps is an American nonprofit organization working to raise awareness and understanding of psychedelic substances. Brought to you by Haberland Media (HaberlandMedia.com), Haberland Podcast (HaberlandPodcast.com), and Grandmaster Network (GrandmasterNetwork.com). Thank you for listening and supporting us! This podcast is brought to you by Haberland Media. Haberland Media is a full-service advertising agency, helping clients to win big. Whether it's design and branding, advertising, media planning, architecture, CRM, public relations, digital solutions, website development, content, experiential, and beyond – Haberland Media's multidisciplinary team of best-in-class professionals get predictable business results. Go to HaberlandMedia.com and learn more. This podcast is also brought to you by Haberland Podcast. From building solid foundations to enabling massive momentum, Haberland Podcast combines big data with world-class creativity and rapid implementation to solve your business challenges. Haberland Podcast services include podcast advertising, podcast interview bookings, podcast guest bookings, podcast strategy, podcast partnerships, podcast creation, podcasting editing, podcast coaching, and beyond. Go to https://HaberlandPodcast.com and learn more. This podcast is also brought to you by Grandmaster Network. Grandmaster helps high achievers to succeed and grow in business, relationships, health, and spirituality. The membership provides access to live video workshops, the Grandmaster book club, an online community, an offline community, the Grandmaster newsletter, and beyond. Go to GrandmasterNetwork.com and learn more. If you enjoyed this episode, would you please consider to rate, review, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds and it really makes a difference. Go to HardyHaberland.com/iTunes and rate, review, and subscribe. Follow Hardy Haberland: Twitter: Twitter.com/HardyHaberland LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/HardyHaberland Facebook: Facebook.com/HardyLTHaberland Instagram: Instagram.com/HardyHaberland Get exclusive life & business tips that I only share with email subscribers. Go to HardyHaberland.com/Newsletter and sign up.

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