N12: Hewitt Tomlin ─ The TeamBuildr Story, Reflecting on the 10-Year Journey


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In Episode 12 of The Hawkin Podcast we are joined by Hewitt Tomlin, Co-Founder of TeamBuildr. Founded in 2012, TeamBuildr is a SaaS company that saves strength & conditioning coaches time by automating program building, tracking, and auditing. Key topics from this episode include: • How the TeamBuildr idea evolved into a business • Picking the right software to build, and how it changed overtime • Determining what features are impactful & important for all users • The evolution of strength coaches & analyzing community trends from a different lens. • Competing with the Googles and Apples in the hiring process • Thomas' experience with TeamBuildr and onboarding new staff with TeamBuildr at Yale University Learn more about Hawkin Dynamics at www.HawkinDynamics.com Learn more about TeamBuildr at https://www.teambuildr.com/en/

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