Getting to Know eHealth Exchange - The Largest Health Information Network in the Country - Jay Nakashima


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In a growing crowd of national health information networks, eHealth Exchange is one of the oldest and most connected in the U.S.. Notably, they are the primary way healthcare organizations connect with federal agencies such as the Social Security Administration (SSA), Department of Defense (DOD), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In addition, they're connected with 75% of all U.S. hospitals, more than 60 regional and state HIEs, more than 5,000 dialysis centers, and more.

Today we take a thorough look at eHealth Exchange with Executive Director, Jay Nakashima to find out what they do and to give you a sense of how they may fit into your clinical data strategy.

Topics include:

  • What does the eHealth Exchange do
  • Who participates
  • How eHealth Exchange connects federal agencies like the SSA, DOD, and VA
  • Why is the social security administration is such a large consumer of clinical data
  • The difference in outcomes when you're opt-in vs opt-out
  • How does eHealth Exchange compare with the other national networks
  • How does eHealth Exchange fit in with TEFCA
  • How the Surescripts Record Locator Service is used within the network
  • How is eHealth Exchange different than regional and state HIEs
  • Why they don't store any clinical information and the pluses/minuses for federated vs. non-federated exchanges
  • New support for electronic case reporting
  • Recent simplifications to their integrations and onboarding
  • The PULSE Connectivity model

Jay Nakashima

Over the past 25 years Jay Nakashima has designed and implemented EHRs, optimized clinical workflow, and spearheaded data exchange. Jay has worked for health IT vendors, providers, payers, and now leads the eHealth Exchange, the nation’s oldest and largest public-private health information network.

eHealth Exchange

Active in all 50 states, the eHealth Exchange is the largest query-based, health information network in the country. It is the principal network that connects federal agencies and non-federal organizations, allowing them to work together to improve patient care and public health.


Twitter: @ehealthExchange

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