HealthIMPACT Fall Forum Preview Plus Tips on Running Virtual Events


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On this episode, we discuss the HealthIMPACT Fall Forum coming up September 30th – October 2nd, 2020. Shahid Shah, our co-host and the HealthIMPACT Forum Chair, tells us it’s a “No BS and No PowerPoint” event that’s intended to be more of a conversation than a series of presentations. The goal is to get healthcare leaders together and facilitate a conversation amongst peers about the work they’re doing in the real world.

We also talk about what it’s like to host a conference virtually and the techniques you can use to simulate the best parts of in-person conferences.

What you’ll learn at the HealthIMPACT Forum (from their website):

  • Building a sustainable innovation strategy in a post COVID world - lessons learned during rapid innovation deployment
  • Lessons learned from the rapid deployment of telemedicine technologiesin the diagnosis and treatment of COVID and non-COVID Patients
  • Digital Health’s role in addressing gaps in health equity and applications of SDoH to response and recovery
  • Tracking, testing, tracing, and treatment- Evaluating Digital Health’s role in supporting ongoing public health surveillance, driving interoperability, and addressing privacy concerns
  • Connected thermometers, wearables, and digital engagement tools for early control and treatment
  • VR and Chatbot applications to retain and boost capacity and ensure effective workflow resource planning volume management during and after a surge
  • Ensuring clinicians’ access to timely evidence-based information - dashboard and clinical information tools
  • Real-world evidence, and cross-sector collaboration - The coming together - lessons learned from singular focus

HealthIMPACT Live Fall Forum is open to providers, payers, pharma, and patients and closed to non-sponsoring vendors. Apply to attend here.

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