How to Turn on the Growth Engine in Your Digital Health Startup w/ Bryan Loomis


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Many digital health startups rely on sales prospecting to generate new leads. That works to a point but doesn’t scale because each deal takes a long time, and good healthcare salespeople are hard to find. Today we’re talking with Bryan Loomis, a Digital Health Growth expert and mentor, about how to design, build and execute a growth plan that generates leads in a more sustainable way.

We discuss:

  • Bryan’s PAGE Methodology (Purpose, Audience, Gospel, and Experimentation) for growth
  • The importance of generating marketing qualified leads instead of relying solely on sales prospecting
  • Why email opt-ins are a good indicator your plan is working
  • Useful tools to help you execute your growth strategy
  • The proper way to reach out to prospects on LinkedIn
  • How to use the assets you already have to generate content and “gifts” for your audience
  • You don’t need blind experimentation, but hypothesis-driven experimentation with measures and statistics.
  • And much more

Bryan Loomis

“I’m Bryan Loomis, digital health growth expert and mentor. I’ve mentored 25+ digital health companies, from ranging a founder with an idea to 200 million in ARR. My proven methodology helps digital health startups grow rapidly in an entrenched industry that’s set up for them to fail.

Grow your startup. Change the world.”

Learn more, check out the video series VHFcast, and sign up for Bryan’s Slack Community at:

Connect with Bryan on LinkedIn

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