How Will Patients Securely Connect 3rd Party Apps to Their Data Once Patient Access Rules Kick In? from Health Data Unbound


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The CMS Patient Access Rules are coming. And they’re easy to cheer for. We’re giving patients their data and that’s a huge win! We all love that!

But what we don’t love is when collects patient data and sells it to the highest bidder to support targeted marketing, or whatever other nefarious act they can come up with. Well, the health plans don’t get to pick and choose which apps they connect to. What if their member wants to use What’s their recourse? How can they educate and protect their members?

On this episode, we’re sharing another of Shahid’s recent panels. This one from Health Data Unbound, and it’s like an #HCBiz super panel as we’ve had all 4 of the panelists on the show in the past. The panel asks the question: “How Will Patients Securely Connect 3rd Party Apps To Their Data Once Patient Access Rules Kick In?” And they will be kicking in on July 1st of this year (2021).

Shahid Shah is our moderator, and he’s talking with:

They cover this core question and discuss the tools and frameworks health plans can use to protect their members and themselves.

And then, as he always does, Shahid asks the most important question. Is this going to make a difference for the patients/members? Will it help them pick a health plan? Will it help them find out if their doctor is covered? Their meds? Will it help them better understand how much things are going to cost them out of pocket? Because if not, what the hell is the point?

It’s easy to get caught up in the implementation, especially when you’re dealing with regulatory requirements. Question 1 is naturally… how do we meet the regs so we don’t have a problem? That, as Shahid puts it, is institution first thinking. The smart health plans… the member-centric health plans are asking, how are we going to use this to make things better for our members?

It’s a great discussion. You’re going to love it and I’m so happy we get to share it with you.

On that note, thank you to Satish Kavirajan, Managing Director at the Actionable Intelligence Network (AIN) for letting us share this with you!

Health Data Unbound

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