The Role of Doctors at Digital Health Startups with Sven Jungmann


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What is the role of a doctor at a digital health startup? Why are they needed? What jobs will they do? How do you find one? And how can you tell if they will be a fit for your team?

If you’re a doctor considering this move, you may have similar questions in reverse. What will it be like to be a “digital doctor”? How can I find opportunities? What new skills will I need to develop? How can I tell if the digital health startup I’m looking at has a shot?

On this episode we talk with Sven Jungmann. He’s a medical doctor with additional degrees in Public Health, Public Policy, and entrepreneurship. He’s the Chief Medical Officer at FoundersLane in Berlin, Germany, where he advises digital health startups, and helps align other doctors with startups too. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to discuss this topic with!

You’ll learn:

  • Why many digital health startups really do need a doctor on their team.
  • What the transition is like when moving from practicing medicine to the startup world.
  • The drawbacks to doing this if you’re a doctor.
  • Six skills that make medical doctors indispensable for startups
  • What a non-clinical founder should do to bring themselves closer to the medical side.
  • That the problems in the U.S healthcare system are not unique when it comes to a lack of prevention and woefully inadequate data sharing.
  • Why Corporate Venture Building is a powerful way to drive innovation.

We also discuss Sven’s new book, FightBack NOW: Leveraging your assets to shape the new normal and his work at FoundersLane.

About Sven Jungmann

Sven Jungmann is a medical doctor with additional degrees in Public Health (Master, LSHTM), Public Policy (Master, Oxford), and entrepreneurship (Postgraduate Diploma, Cambridge). He worked in hospitals for several years. Today, as Chief Medical Officer, he heads the Healthcare Vertical for FoundersLane and advises start-ups in the digital health sector. He’s co-author of FightBack Now.

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About FoundersLane

FoundersLane is a Corporate Venture Builder that helps established organizations launch new digital offerings in the healthcare and sustainability space. FoundersLane is formed by serial full-stack entrepreneurs with experience in building tech companies from scratch to scale.

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