250: Progesterone Sensitivity Rash


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Did you know that progesterone can trigger rashes?

Usually estrogen is more commonly the “sex hormone problem child” when it comes to skin, but when progesterone is the culprit, it’s causes A LOT of trouble.

If you’ve never heard of progesterone triggering rashes or Progesterone Hypersensitivity, you’ll want to check out this episode.

Now to be clear, this is NOT a common problem as progesterone reactivity like this is considered to be rare (though I’m willing to bet that a lot of cases are left undiagnosed if you don’t know what to even look for).

And if you know someone dealing with progesterone sensitivity rashes, please share this with them because there is a lot of great research linked up in the citations section below that could be helpful for them!

In this episode:
  • What is progesterone hypersensitivity?
  • Is it an autoimmune disease or an allergic reaction?
  • Tips for figuring out if you have progesterone hypersensitivity
  • Fascinating signs + symptoms
  • Potential triggers that prime your body to react to progesterone
  • Treatment options to discuss with your doctor

A consistent flare-up that starts around the progesterone spike in your cycle around day 20 or 21 of a 28-day cycle is an important clue.

Progesterone hypersensitivity may be linked to a higher rate of pregnancy loss.

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