16: New Paradigm of Conscious Healing


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What is conscious healing?
To step into your power and become your own conscious healer and heal yourself and others.
Pavlina has created this new empowering concept of conscious healing and she's sharing with you in this episode. She is also introducing her new online program, the Conscious Healing Blueprint!
Conscious Healing means:

  • No longer relying on other people healing you, fixing you, saving you
  • Not giving away your power
  • Choosing to become your own conscious healer
  • Knowing that you are the only one who can heal yourself
  • Trusting that you are the creator of your life & your health
  • Stepping into your power & purpose as a sovereign being and become conscious
  • Understanding your symptoms and the root causes of your issues
  • Understanding what your body and soul are telling you
  • Connecting to your true self & living in alignment with it & with Source
  • Your health issues are here to show you the way back to yourself
  • Releasing everything that is standing in the way of your natural health & wellbeing, that is not in alignment with your highest self
  • From stressed, sick & overwhelmed to empowered, conscious, and healthy
  • By healing yourself, you are helping to heal others around you, including your family, your community, and the world around you
  • This might require to heal not only your own traumas, but also ancestral patterns and past life wounds on the soul level
  • The time is now to step up, to step out and to do the work, individually, but together with others

This and more will be part of the upcoming Conscious Healing Blueprint:
Put yourself on the waitlist, doors opening soon!
Pavlina will teach you and guide you together with her inner voice, her guides and the Universe step by step through trainings, activations, guided meditations, EFT scripts etc. You will be empowered to connect with your true self deeper, uncover and release what is standing in the way of your health and wellbeing
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