Discussing the Effects of the Pandemic with Hospice Icon Barbara Karnes, Episode 093


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Barbara Karnes, author of the iconic hospice guide “the little blue book” Gone from My Sight, talks with Jerry and Helen about ritual, self care wisdom, and thriving as end of life workers. We’re honored to feature our third discussion with Barbara about what she’s seen during the last year. As a hospice RN, Barbara understands how important it is to stay connected to our patients and their families, and to care for our whole selves as we care for seriously ill patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way hospice professionals provide care for their patients. To continue to provide quality care and keep us devoted to end of life work, we need to be intentional about self care. Barbara reminds us to make the technology our best friend, utilizing the phone to connect with and support families who have become isolated in the home. She also tells us to create rituals to add meaning to the work. Washing off the stress of the day with a cleaning shower and journaling work memories are great ways to care for ourselves after the day’s work. Barbara also urges us to utilize hospice volunteers in unique ways, expanding their roles to stay connected with patients and families. To purchase Barbara’s pamphlets, videos, and teaching materials, go to bkbooks.com. You can also read Barbara’s blog to benefit from her wisdom and hospice experience. Find her on Facebook, too. When you’re planning your next event, keep in mind that the hosts of The Heart of Hospice podcast are available to speak at conferences and meetings. Whether you’re meeting in-person or virtually, we can provide education to your team on topics such as how to have compassionate conversations, how to recognize personal bias, building listening skills, and managing personal grief as a hospice professional. We’d love to encourage your team and remind them why the work they do is so important. Because we both have a personal hospice journey in addition to our years working in end of life care, we can also share a message of resilience and hope at your agency’s next memorial service. To find out more, contact us at host@theheartofhospice.com. The Heart of Hospice is honored to be a part of your hospice journey.

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